Fekvenyomó Európa-bajnokság

2022. augusztustus 2-7.


Budapest Kongresszusi Központ

Bench Press Championships

2022. august 2-7.

Competition venue:

Budapest Congress Center

General terms and conditions

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Prémium Rendezvényszervező Zrt.
Headquarters: 1071 Budapest, Dembinszky street 44. ground floor 4.
Company registration number: 01 10 140783
Tax number: 26174482-2-42
Phone: +36(20)264-2918
E-mail: info@premiumzrt.hu
Web: www.premiumrendezveny.com
Hosting provider: DotRoll Kft. (https://dotroll.com)

Every participants and coaches will get accreditation only for the time of the reservation at the official hotel. We kindly ask the teams to follow all the rules to avoid any inconvenience. It is important to us to provide comfort to the participants during their stay. The 4-star beatiful rooms, well-equipped gym with great fitness possibilities, wellness center with a pool and other premium services of the hosting Novotel Budapest City hotel which connects to the Budapest Congress Center will guarantee perfect relaxation for every participants.

Novotel Budapest City & Budapest Congress Center (1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 63-67.)
Single room 105 € / person / night
Double room 100 € / person / night


It is important to bear in our mind the safety of our guests, that is why we will provide premium quality transfer service for them. Gorgeous hostess ladies will help the arriving or the departuring guests at the airport and at the hotel too. The fixed price polite drivers will provide the safe traveling in comfortable cars. We will organize the schedules considering the arrival and departure times of the planes so everyone will get to the hotel with the smallest waiting time and make it to the plane without any problems.
1 person 50 € / person / way
2 people 30 € / person / way
3 or more people 25 € / person / way


The closing ceremony of every successful competition is the banquet dinner. We will organize the closing banquet on two dates, Thursday August 4th 20:00, and Sunday August 7th 20:00. After the appreciation of the event and prizing the successful competitiors, next to the plentiful delicious foods and fresh beverages we will give a musical act to the guests too.
Banquet ticket 35 € / person / day


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5.2. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal expires 3 days after that date.

5.3. 45/2014 on the detailed rules of contracts between a consumer and a business. (II.26.) Government Decree is available here

5.4. Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council is available here

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This privacy policy applies only to Prémium Rendezvényszervező Zrt.

6.1. The visitor has the right to:
a) request information on the processing of your personal data, and
b) request the correction or deletion of your personal data,
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6.2. A visitor may object to the processing of their personal information if
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(b) the use or transfer of personal data is for the purposes of direct business acquisition, public opinion polling or scientific research;
c) the exercise of the right to protest is otherwise permitted by law.

6.3. Violations of a visitor's rights may result in legal action against the data controller.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact Prémium Rendezvényszervező Zrt.: office@premiumzrt.hu